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End-of-SUMMER Celebration, 2013!
Lee and Collier County teachers! Looking for a fun way to end the summer and ring in the new school year? Teachers of Lee and Collier can take a paddleboard lesson, tour or fitness class with Paddleboard SWFL and receive a discount.  Discounts apply to adventures completed by August 18, 2013.  Contact us today to book your adventure and have a great school year!

Space Shuttle Atlantis: The Last of its Kind
July 8, 2011 will go down in the history books.  The NASA program successfully launched Atlantis, as millions watched from around the world.  I decided I not only needed to witness this launch (as I've never seen one before) but I needed to watch it on a paddleboard.  It was an experience of a lifetime that will never be forgotten.  Check out the story from NBC-2. 

Hands Across the Sand 2011

Paddleboard SWFL supported the Hands Across the Sand event at the Fort Myers Beach Pier, June 25.  There was a ton of community support.  Lauren Sheppard paddled in from the ocean covered in "oil" to inspire spectators to think about the numerous consequences of offshore drilling. 

Bay-to-Gulf SUP Race 2011
Lee County's FIRST paddleboard race was a HUGE success! Paddleboard SWFL was honored to be a part of such a wonderful event.  Thank you to everyone who participated. 


5% of September Profits to OPS
   Paddleboard SWFL is pleased to announce that 5% of all September profits will be donated to OPS (Ocean Preservation Society), to support their efforts to end the dolphin capture and slaughter.  About 23,000 dolphins are killed each year, including mothers and calves.  For more information and other ways you can help, watch The Cove and visit the website by clicking here.
Looking for a new way to socialize?  Join SWFL (Southwest Florida) SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Club for the FIRST EVER group paddle.  We will hold the group paddle on September 8, 2010 from 5-6pm, launching from Bowditch Point Park.  For more details, call Paddleboard SWFL, (239) 826 2676 or check SWFL SUP Club on facebook.  Keep your eyes and ears open for future, fun-filled events!

Free Paddleboard Demonstration

In honor of National Parks and Recreation Month, Paddleboard SWFL hosted a free paddleboard demonstration.  The event took place at Bowditch Point Park.  Over 40 people attended and tried paddleboarding.  Thank you to NBC-2 for covering the event.  Such a great time - thank you to everyone who came!!  Check out the NBC-2 video by clicking here.


Paddleboard SWFL is honored to work with (Puh la teez), a local pilates studio, to bring you the most refreshing workout available - pilates on a paddleboard!  Check out our Fitness Sessions page for more details or the (Puh la teez) website. 
Take a peek at our other fitness options too.

First Full MOON paddle!

June 26, 2010
Sunset paddle then moonrise = unbelievable.  Needlefish were abundant (on our boards at times). We saw puffer fish, catfish, sheepshead, horseshoe crabs, and wading birds!

Lifeguard for the 2010 Open Water Festival

Paddleboard SWFL was happy to help as a lifeguard for the 2010 Open Water Festival on Fort Myers Beach, June 12.  Congratulations to all of the swimmers!   

Earth Week
Be the change with Paddleboard SWFL!

(see slideshow below)

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

To celebrate Earth week, we will be on the water ALL week.  Every day we will be collecting as much monofilament and garbage as possible.  Join us and be the change!  You will have access to a paddleboard, paddle, PFD and a dry bag - FREE of charge - for the clean up.  All you need to bring is a reusable water bottle, sun protection and a small cutting tool.

We have a small fleet, so if you're serious about coming, please call!  Paddleboard SWFL would love to celebrate 24/7, but we have limited time frames to conduct our mission. 

Kayaking friends - please join us!  This is an opportunity for all paddlers.  Don't let our time constraints hinder your motivation - get on the water and be the change at your own convenience!


Please, give us a call at 239-826-2676 for clean up times and locations.  If we don't answer, leave us a message - we're probably on the water.  You can also email us,

See you soon.

THANK YOU to everyone who joined!!  We had a great time and made a difference.

NBC-2 News video coverage on Earth Day 2010:

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